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Video Auditions

The vast majority of auditions in the South East are done by self tape. To be a successful working actor you must deliver powerful taped auditions that look and sound great. As a working actor who has booked recurring roles on television and large roles in films opposite actors such as Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage through video auditions, Mark knows what casting directors, directors and producers are looking for when they view an audition tape. Let him use his expertise to help you deliver a riveting, honest audition that looks and sounds great.

Mark will read with you, tape you, edit your audition and send a copy to both you and your agent.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is ideal when you need to prepare for an in-person audition or callback or to work on individual acting or audition skills. Private coaching can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each student.

Career Counseling

For those with questions on what to do to move forward in their acting career, Mark can provide knowledgeable answers based on years of success in the Industry. Mark can provide the guidance you need to become a professional full time actor.

Career counseling can be provided in person, via telephone or Skype.

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