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On-Camera Audition Technique

To be a successful actor in the South East you must be able to do phenomenal on-camera auditions. Gain the skills and confidence you need to deliver powerful auditions that book jobs. Learn the techniques to create emotionally honest auditions that reflect your personal brand. Discover how to use the camera to make your performance stand out from everyone else. Students will perform scenes on camera in every class.  

The class meets every Wednesday night from 7 pm to 10:30 pm and costs $140 a month. New students can start at any time and the monthly fee will be prorated.

Scene Study

Learn how to break down a scene and understand the relationships and emotional beats required to deliver honest, riveting, powerful performances. Students will work on scenes with other actors in an environment that simulates being on a film set. The class is structured to help actors of all levels improve their skills. Beginners will learn the fundamentals and advanced actors will learn how to bring more levels and honesty to their acting.  

How To Become A Working Actor

This one day workshop will give you the knowledge you need to become a professional TV and Film actor. Stop spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Get started moving towards your dreams.

  -Learn the seven components that are ESSENTIAL to becoming a working actor.

  -Discover the mindset needed for long term success as an actor.

  -Learn about the number one secret to getting lots of auditions.

  -How to get a great agent who works for YOU.

  -Learn the secrets to great headshots and the pitfalls to avoid.

  -How to create a demo reel that makes you look like an experienced pro.

  -Learn the common mistakes that can make you look like an amateur.

Mark will share the tips and strategies he has used to become a professional working actor.

This is a one day 8 hour workshop.

Branding And Marketing For Actors

McDonalds, Apple, Mercedes, Jack Nicholson and Bruce Willis. What do they all have in common? A defined, recognized brand. Working actors know the secret to success is to have a powerful brand and know how to market it. Actors must recognize and hone their professional image making them a unique commodity. This three week workshop will help actors develop their personal brand and show them how to create an impactful marketing campaign reflecting their brand.  

The workshop will:

  -Determine your essence.

  -Fine tune your professional image.

  -Craft your personal tag line.

  -Coordinate all your marketing materials (headshots, postcards, website).

  -Provide strategies for effective marketing to industry professionals.

Discover your most powerful tool for booking acting jobs - your personal brand. Casting directors need specific characters for their TV shows and films. Be a solution to the casting director's problem rather than just another actor in need of a job.

This class consists of three 4 hour sessions.

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