Carson Gay

Patrick Roper

When it comes to training to become a professional, working actor, William Mark McCullough is easily one of the best resources around. His approach to the business of acting is both focused and comprehensive.

As a coach and teacher of on camera technique, he seamlessly strips away the layers to reach the performer's basic essence and focuses on eliminating the unconscious ticks that all actors have. The result is a performer who can relax, while also being in control. Most importantly, he teaches the actor to trust themselves and have fun during the often stressful audition process.

As an expert in branding and marketing, he has developed a concise set of steps that will allow the actor to hone in on what makes them unique and how to apply that quality to all aspects of their marketing and business strategy. This creates a clear and straightforward path to becoming a successful, working actor that gets the attention of gate keepers and decision makers in the industry.

His passion for and dedication to actors is unparrelleled. You can't ask for a better teacher to help guide your career path.

How do you get a teenager to not only listen but to absorb what he hears? Well, our answer was Mark. As a working actor, Mark already garnered a lot of respect from Carson, but combine that with his calm demeanor and it was pure magic. Carson listened, learned and became more confident in himself and his talents. As an added bonus, Mark openly and freely shared his knowledge with me so that I could better help Carson and not be a liability. There is a part of me that hates to recommend him to others because I want to be selfish and keep him all to myself. - Martie Gay (Carson's mom)

Carson Gay

Over the course of the past year I've been working with William Mark McCullough on branding and fine tuning my on-camera auditioning techniques. Needless to say the pay off has been huge!!  

During the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2016 I booked roles on two major network TV shows, one of which was a recurring role on DEVIOUS MAIDS. I booked a lead role in an indie film and principal role in a SAG feature film. I owe much of my success to the valuable information that Mark provided... Thanks Mark. YOU'RE AWESOME!!

Jermaine Rivers

William Mark McCullough is one of the best acting coaches with which Bobby has ever worked.  He is able to couple his training as a great actor with a unique nurturing technique that helps Bobby get into every character with ease. Through Mark's knowledge of acting, directing and producing, Bobby has doubled his number of callbacks and recently booked a large recurring role on a major network television show.  I cannot recommend Mark highly enough.  We are so glad we found him. - Rachel (Bobby's mom)

Bobby Batson

Sarah Lynn Miller

Mark has been very helpful at starting my career in acting. Only a few classes so far with him but I have learned a lot already. I was very nervous to start not knowing much about it and him being very experienced, but he has been really patient and kind in the process of me learning. I know as an instructor he has to give criticism and sometimes it's hard to hear what you are doing wrong or if you are repeating the same mistakes at times, but he tells you in a constructive and caring way which makes it easier to take in and learn from and then move on to something new. That's why classes with him are so beneficial. He is very helpful at not only the on-camera auditions and scene study, but also the business side of acting which is very important. I'd recommend him to anyone I meet that's asking for help and be 100% sure that I'd hear back great things. Then to see that person expand and flourish in their career with him as their instructor. Quit running in circles trying to get your career started and let him help guide you on a straight path to success instead. I promise you won't be disappointed.